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“From California to the New York Island, this land was made for you and me” –

Woody Guthrie

Recently, a majority of humanity went from living in a non-urban environment to an urban environment.  In some ways “the city” is the greatest act of human civilization.  How we live together, engage in civil and community interactions are more important than ever.  Recently, the terms POPS or Privately Owned Public Spaces has come to the fore with the rise of Occupy Wall Street in Zuccotti Park, a POPS.  How public are these privately owned spaces?

Beacon Public Space Project is dedicated to partnering with public and private organizations, federal, state and municipal agencies and planning boards whose interests we share.  We seek to contribute to the hard work of the government, individuals, businesses and nonprofit groups that have improved Beacon in recent years.

Beacon Public Space Project is currently seeking persons who share our interests and would like to improve our public space.  BPS was founded by Beacon resident, business owner and local architect J.C. Calderón in 2012 upon the centennial celebrations of American folk legend Woody Guthrie.  The group continues to benefit from public space advocates from the past and present including the work of Jane Jacobs, William (Holly) White and the Project for Public Spaces founded by Fred Kent