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About Our Organization

Beacon Public Space Project is a nonprofit organization and community based advocacy group dedicated to improving public space.

Beacon Public Space Project is you!  Public spaces are not just the spaces in between privately owned property, they are the spaces that define our community and our common goals.  They are our streets, our sidewalks, our parks, our markets, our civic buildings, our common spaces and or modes of transportation, from mass transit to pedestrian.  We seek to engage with government, public and private organizations on the big and small public space projects of our time.  In the tradition of public space groups everywhere, we seek to transform spaces into places that have a life of their own.  Join us!

Beacon Public Space Project is a new organization and we need your help!  Please send us your contact information if you would like to join us or just be added to our list.  There is no fee to join.  The information will not be distributed and will only be used to contact you.  We have begun to form an advisory board of directors with local residents.  Let us know if you are interested.

Who are we?  We are first and foremost public citizens who want to participate in the public debate about our great city.  How can we make it better, more sustainable?  Where should we make it better?  We are local artists and licensed architects committed to these questions.  We are teachers and students, painters, writers, & musicians.  We are environmentalists and LEED Professionals.  We are Beaconites who love this city.  We are you!